Kingdom of Austria'
Königreich Österreich
Timeline: Nationalism 1848

OTL equivalent: Archduchy of Austria
Austria 2 (Nat. 1848) Austrian CoA (Nat. 1848)
Flag Coat of Arms
Austria, Post-1848 (Nat. 1848)
(By 1850) Dark Green: Austria, Green: Grand Duchy of Bohemia

Capital Vienna
Largest city Vienna
Other cities Salzburg, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Graz, Linz, etc.
  others Polish, Italian, Czech, etc.
König Franz Joseph I
  Royal house: Hapsburg
Ministerpräsident Felix Prinz zu Schwarzenberg
Area area km²
Population population 
Established February 3rd, 1849
Currency Reichsmark

The Kingdom of Austria (German: Königreich Österreich, Czech: Království Rakouska) is the de jure successor to the Austrian Empire, following its abolition during the 1848 Revolutions. A member of the German Empire along side states like Prussia and Bavaria, it is a constitutional monarchy, and can elect a monarch (even one of their own) to become the Emperor, similar to its time within the Holy Roman Empire. It has embraced many ideals of liberalism, but is by far the most conservative part of the new Reich.

The 1848 Revolutions:Edit

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Post-1848 Revolutions:Edit