Kingdom of Antarctica
Motto:Pacem Quoquo(Peace at any Cost)
Anthem:The Endless Sea
Flag of British Antarctica
Goverment:Constitutional Monarchy
Capital:New Manhattan

Head of State: Monarch: Adam I 2007-
 Prime Minister: Amelia Oakley 2011-

 Independence From Great Britain 1878
 Official Language:English. Spanish German. Dutch. French.

Antarctica is the second largest Nation in the world.It has the Largest Economy in the world. Antarctica is an upstart nation born in the eves of the War of Antarctic Independence Antarctica was a poor nation until the Great Gold Boom when Antarctica become An Increasingly wealthy nation. Antarctica now is the founder and Head of the Independent State Allied Force Which is the Second Largest Alliance below NATO and a Force for Promoting World Peace and Universal Welfare


Pre Meltdown

Post Metdown

Founding of the New Maori Tribe

European Arrival

in 1768 a British expedition arrived on Modern day Emperor Island. They encountered the new Maori tribe near Modern day Katerinaburg.

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