The Kingdom of Éiwe is a country in the eastern part of Ireland, founded by Welsh migrants from the Kingdom of Gwynedd who conquered the Kingdom of Laigin in the 800's AD. It is ruled by the House of Cunedda-Laigin whom the current king is Llywelyn Mac Murchada. The capital city is called Dinbán.

Language and Culture

The Éiwish language is the predominant language of the Kingdom of Éiwe spoken alongside Irish Gaelic and Welsh. In terms of linguistic classification it is neither Goidelic or Brythonic but rather a perfect mix of both groups, for this reason it is assigned to its own group within Insular Celtic. Culturally it can be described as Hiberno-British in outlook, unlike their neighboring Gaels they are mostly sedentary. Like the Romans that once ruled Roman Britain they built a wall called Ifan's wall on the border with the other Irish Kingdoms to prevent invasions by hostile Gaelic clans. In general they are tolerant of both Brittonic and Gaelic culture's however they are fierce enemies of the Norsemen and the Anglo-Saxons.

Religion and Law

Once Éiwe was a Roman Catholic country until Hussite reformers from Bohemia converted Éiwe to the Moravian Church. Officially the state church is called the Hussite Church of Éiwe. The protestant reformation had a great impact on the society of the Kingdom of Éiwe such as the ability for priests to marry and masses being conducted in Éiwish, Irish Gaelic and Welsh instead of Latin. It is generally a liberal society with no penalties against adultery or homosexuality. Each prince appoints a judge for the counties they control. In court all documents must be written in either Irish Gaelic or Welsh however Éiwish is the only language that can be spoken in court, The Judge or the Breithwr oversee's the courtcase to make sure legal procedings are done properly however unlike the English system, it is the Jury or the rheithgiúir who decides the punishment.

Food and Drink

Wine or Gwíon is one of the most popular alcohols along with Cider and Whiskey. Food wise both Cawl originating from Wales alongside native Irish Colcannon are a popular food choice.

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