Kingdom of Éire
Timeline: Tudor Line
Arms of Ireland (Historical) 492px-O'Neill
Flag Coat of Arms
The green area shows land contoled by rebels on 1 April, 1584.
Capital Tyrone
Largest city Dungannon
Other cities Limerick, Cork
Language Irish
Roman Catholic
  others Lutheran and Jewish
Ethnic Group Irish
High King Phelim I O'Neill

Manus I O'Donell

Kingdom of Éire was a brief state existing between 1584 and 1587, previous fall of the english power over Ireland, caused the creation of an anti-english group literally named that way in irish: Frith-Béarla.

On 17 March 1584 Phelim O'Neill declared independence from Edward VI's kingdom and was then crowned High King by his followers, among which were the 3rd Earl of Thomond, the 15th Earl of Desmond and Aodh O'Domhnail.


With an intended insult the group declared independence on St. Patrick's Day. Quickly almost all ethnicly irish lords declare Phelim I of Éire their new liege. Gerald FitzGerald, who was send to England after his father gave up to Henry VIII and was then dishonored by Henry IX became the first King of Desmond since the 13th century. He was followed by Aodh O'Domhnail, who was Phelim's neighbour and his new King of Tyrconell, he was later killed during a siege and succeded by his son Manus. The last was Connor O'Brien, the ruler of Thomond, who would die in the war and his succesor Donogh would defunct to Edward VI. The english lords liked Edward and wanted to continue the Tudor Line throw him. The army sieged Phelim's capital and he was forced to give up in 1585. Believing a betrail Manus O'Donell was given the crown.

On 17 March 1587 Manus had to sign a peace treaty, reminding of the St. Patrick Day as their independence day, Manus had to swear of Edward the Confessor. He was then put into the Tower of London and had to watch the purposely delayed beheading of Phelim O'Neill. For the rest of Edward's reign there were multiple rebelions, however introduction of english plantations was used to squash the native people. Now with Donogh O'Brien, Christopher Preston and Thomas Butler, and other who stayed loyal to him or defected later on were given the rebel's titles. Donogh was given the lands of the O'Neills while the rest of the family fleed to the continent.

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