Kingdom and Papacy of Italy
Regnum et Papatus Italis
Timeline: Venice-Italian Supremacy

OTL equivalent: Italy, Americas (Exception of the Caribbean Islands), Crete and Cyprus
ItalianKingdomVenice ItalianKingdomCoatArms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Italy

Pro San Marco et Patria! (Latin)
("For San Marco and the country")

Anthem "The Italian March"
Capital Venice and Rome
Largest city Rome
Other cities Naples, Turin, Milan, Genoa, Cagliari, Ajjacio, Palermo, Forlí, Florence
  others Italian
Roman Catholic
  others Orthodox
Ethnic Group Italian/Venetian
Demonym Italian
Government Bicameral Parliamentary Monarchy
  legislature The Consul Parliament

The Consul Senate

The Great Doge of Venice, King of Italy, Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Prince of Turin, Duke of Milan, Duke of Naples, Prince of Sicily, Leader of the North American Union and Prince of Brazil Vittorio V
  The great house ruler of Venice and Italy: Pastore Emanuelle
First Regent Consul Humberto Emanuelle
Established 1500
Currency Italian Lire
Organizations The Knights of San Marco and Venice, Italian League for Peace

The Kingdom and Papacy of Italy is the major nation of the world, being one of the countries in the world that still have colonies outside the homeland.

The Republic of Venice

Early in the 1000's, Venice was born to resist against the Italian states and possible other attacks. The republic had an good base, but it wasn't the best governor for the time.

The Monarchist Revolution

Close to the 1500's the Doge Nicolae II, elected as Doge after his father dead, convinced the Venetian people to invade the rich merchants houses and forced all voters of the republic to accept the monarchy by the rule of the Doge Nicolae II.


The Doge Nicolae II, the first hereditary Doge and King of Italy

The Unification of Italy

Venice was the only Italian state that wasn't at war inside Italy. The Pope was attacking the French, the Naples was ruined, Milan was at war with the Holy Roman Empire, The Italians Island were submitted to the rule of the Genoa Republic.

The troops of the country was almost all in Greece, against the Ottoman Empire. The Doge made peace with the Ottoman, getting from they enough troops to conquer Italy and giving then Greece, with the exclusion of Crete.

First Venice made an offer with the Holy Roman Empire, that was having some problems with the Pope, Venice were going to invade the Papal States, and the Holy Roman Empire were going to protect the venetian against any external interference like France or Spain.

After invanding Rome, the Doge forced the cardinals to give him the status of the Pope. As pope, the Doge offer to the Holy Roman Empire an rest in war, we were going to assume the war with Milan, in trade we receive the Holy Roman territories in Italy. After getting Milan and the Holy Roman territories in Italy, Venice became the major power in Italy.

As soon the Venice state became greater, the Venice propose an alternative to Genoa, make an election to ofter unification to Venice, if approves it would be better for everyone, if recuses Venice would invade Genoa. Genoa approved, and sent troops to control Naples. The remaining were the Savoy territories. The Doge offered they a surrender, but they refuse it. After some years Italy was under the Doge rule.

The Americas

It was already 1550's and Italy was under the Doge rule, Nicolae II was old but not an bad ruler. He knew about the new lands to the west, and like Spain and Portugal, he likes to win new lands. As the pope, Nicolae II forced Spain to give some fleet and man to help the Italian expedition, that landed in the Brazil coast and in the Thirteen Colonies North area. The Italians established several forts in the North America, but in South America they continued to expand since they soon walked though the Amazon river.


The Colonization of South America, The Italians made an great advance thanks to the Amazon River

The North America Union

At the north the situation wasn't that easy, though, seeing that several European nations have traded firearms with the native nations. The Cherokees were one of the hard resisters that stopped the Italian advance. To the Americas peace the European countries that had colonies made the Milan Conference that pointed:

  • Creation of the North America Union to better control of the native question in Italian colonies.
  • Separation of the North America land to British, Spanish and Italian.
  • Creation of the Europeans Powers Alliance for colonial protection

European Crisis

The French were under a crisis of the society and the Austrians weren't able to hold the Holy Roman Empire destruction and Prussia elevation as the German Empire. The Spanish were since the beginning allied with the Germans, but the Italians were neutral, wanting to help the old forces. When the Austrian-Prussian war begun the first act of the Italians were assume the Spanish colonies in South America and sent troops to the Austrian Monarchy as an pact of defense help. The alliance was officialized, and Austria assumed Poland from the Prussians and forced peace through the iron hand of the Italians, making clear that Italy rules Europe and that the Holy Roman Empire should last long time.


The Flag of the Austro/Italian Alliance

Napoleonic Wars

After the European Crisis, Italy was set as one of the major nations of Europe, together with Austria, Russia and England. In order to change the power balance in Europe, the Italians accepted the French alliance, and since it wasn't an Italian front, the French-Italian combined forces soon conquered Austria and Russia. Prussia didn't join the war, but joined the new Confederation of the Rhine, controlled by the winners of the war, France and Italy.

England got out of the war before its defeat, and was rewarded with Holland and Belgium.

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