King of Akkad
Sarru Akkad
Coat of Arms of Akkad
Coat of Arms of Akkad
Jalal Talabani
Sargon XXII
since January 27, 1997

Heir apparent: Ibarum V
First monarch: Sargon I
Formation: 2334 BCE
Residence: Grand Palace of the Great King

The King of Akkad is Akkad's head of state and absolute monarch. He serves as the head of the Akkadian monarchy — the House of Sin. The King is called the Great Gatekeeper of the Luxurious Ziggurat of Akkad. The title signifies Akkad's jurisdiction over the Luxurious Ziggurat of Akkad (commonly referred to simply as the Great Ziggurat). In less formal situations, the king is referred to as His Majesty of the Federal Kingdom of Akkad, His Majesty of Akkad or simply His Majesty.


The line of succession to the Akkadian throne closely resembles the Japanese line of succession. The Crown Prince, Ibarum V, is the heir apparent, which was confirmed by King Sargon in 1999. King Sargon XXII's second son, Durul II, is the third in line, and his third and youngest son (at 39 years old), Kuda IV, is the fourth-in-line. In the worst-case scenario that the line of succession is entirely wiped out, the rest of the royal family will convene and elect a new line. In the event that that the royal family cannot elect a new line of succession, the National Akkadian Sumer Assembly will elect them.

Legal Position

Akkad's official religion is the traditional Sumerian religion, and as a result, the King is the official head of the Akkadian religious assembly, the National Akkadian Sumer Assembly. The National Akkadian Sumer Assembly has the power to elect a new royal line of succession in the event that the original line is wiped out.

Kings of Akkad

Number Name Lifespan Reign Start Reign End Image
1 Sargon I 2300 BCE-2215 BCE 2270 BCE 2215 BCE Sargon of Akkad
2 Rimush I 2244 BCE-2206 BCE 2214 BCE 2206 BCE
3 Man-ishtushu I 2205 BCE 2191 BCE
4 Naram I 2190 BCE 2154 BCE Rimush
5 Shar-Kali-Sharri 2153 BCE 2129 BCE
6 Irgigi 2128 BCE 2127 BCE
7 Imi 2127 BCE 2127 BCE
8 Nanum I 2127 BCE 2127 BCE
9 Ilulu 2126 BCE 2125 BCE
10 Dudu 2125 BCE 2104 BCE
11 Shu-Durul 2104 BCE 2083 BCE
12 Sippar I 2099 BCE-2045 BCE 2082 BCE 2045 BCE
13 Sippar II 2074 BCE-2019 BCE 2044 BCE 2019 BCE
14 Sargon II 2041 BCE-1988 BCE 2019 BCE 1988 BCE
15 Marad I 2007 BCE-1954 BCE 1988 BCE 1954 BCE

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