King Palermos or Palermos Seros (145BCE-111BCE) was the first king of the Kingdom of Cycae.

Early Life

Palermos was born into one of the most prominent political families of the Frog tribe around 145 BCE. By the age of 10, he was enrolled at a philosophy school in Syracuse. He graduated at 16 and became a priest.

Chief of the Frog Tribe

In 123 BCE (at the age of 22), Palermos became the chief of the Frog tribe. During this time he was not an influential leader, but he did establish an organized church (later the Church of the Sicans) and opened up trade with the Ethiopians and Romans.

King of the Kingdom of Cycae

In 119 BCE, when the chiefs of the Sican tribes met to unite, Palermos was extremely determined to rule. He personally knew most of the military leaders of many of the tribes, and he quickly became acquainted with local rulers of other tribes. Palermos won the election for king with almost 56% of the vote.

King Palermos began his reign on June 1, 118 BCE. He immediately imposed the Church of the Sicans as the official religion of the new empire and held a convention to officially create a Sican Bible. In 116 BCE, he divided up the island into casares, ruled by mainly the local rulers who voted for him a few years back.

Like he did for the Frog tribe, King Palermos expanded trade with the Romans and Ethiopians. In 113 BCE, he built specific ports to trade with each nation, and reduced the shipping tax to encourage trade. Later that year, a modernization of the military began, and by the time of King Palermos's death, the country had an up-to-date army.


King Palermos died of a stroke in 111 BCE. In his final days (knowing he was going to die), he requested that a priest become the next king, or at least not a military leader. This was ironic, since the next ruler, King Grios, would be a former general.

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