Louis XXI (12 June 1911- 23 December 1986)  was King of France and Navarre from 24 May 1934 until his death. He was the last King of various French-African colonies. He was King of Corsica in 1969 but the Monarchy was abolished after it became an independent country in 1985 

King Louis XXI
Henri VI , comte de Paris
Formal picture, 1949-50
King of France and Navarre 
Reign 24 May 1964- 23 December 1986
Coronation 29 March 1965
Predecessor Louis XX
Successor Louis XXII
King of Corsica 
Reign 14 December 1969- 25 June 1985
Predecessor none 
Successor Mon

archy Abolished 

Religion                         Roman Catholic
Spouse Maria Johanna of France 


Louis XXII

Anne Marie Therese 

Full name
Louis Joseph Weir Jean 
House House of Bourbon
Father Louis XX
Mother Countess Elisabeth 

12 June 1911                              Tulleries Palace, Paris, France

Died 23 December 1986 (aged 75) 

Bougel Palace, Lyon, France


30 December 1986 

Bougel Chapel, Lyon, France 


Louis was born on 12 June 1911 to Dauphine Countess Elisabeth and Dauphin Louis Charles Francis Frederick Jay de France. He became the official Dauphin of France in 1934 when he was twenty three years old. He soon married shortly after that to Maria Johanna of France who was just a year younger than Louis. 

Louis' wife announced she was pregnant in the early days of February 1936. She gave birth on 17 August 1936 to Louis Nicholas Arthur Princip. In 1940 the Monarchy along with France was under attack and soon under the control of the Nazis. King Louis XX was a prisoner of war in Berlin, Germany. The rest of the royal family was let go to Bougel Palace, Lyon, France. Dauphin Louis Joseph Weir Jean was split from his wife, Maria Johanna and their child, Louis Nicholas Arthur Princip. They were reunited in 1944 after the monarchy was reinstalled in favor of Louis' father, the previous King Louis XX. 

In 1969 Corsica asked to be part of France and be protected under the rule of the absolute monarch. In 1984 they asked to be let go but the King would not give up Corsica and the Corsican Revolution broke out. On 25 of June 1985 Corsica declared their independence. The Revolution lasted from 1984 until 1991 when King Louis XXII formally recognized Corsica as an independent nation. 

Corsica created a Presidency along with a National Congress later that year. Their presidential term was three years with an unlimited amount of re-elections possible. 

His reign was uneventful and the only large thing that happened was the armistice with Germany that took place in 1970 that made them unable to go to war with one another for a total period of 30 years. 

He died in 1986 after major stress from the Revolutionary War. He died of seemingly natural causes although no autopsy was conducted. 


Louis XXI married Maria Johanna of France (1912-1952) on 4 July 1935. They had the following issues: 

1. Louis Nicholas Arthur Princip (17 August 1936-present

2. Anne Marie Therese (14 April 1946- present)