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His Royal Majesty King John I of the United Kingdom of America (Full name: John Francis Edward Adams) reigned from the declaration of the Kingdom on the 4th July 1786 to his death on the 4th July 1826. He was President of the Contential Congress from the beginning of the American War of Independence in 1775 to its end in 1785. He ascension as King of the UK of America to place a year later and was massively notable throughout his reign. He died on 4th July 1826 and was succeeded by his son as King, his last words were "Lee still lives" a reference to his long time friend Charles Lee. King John I had several children with his wife Queen Abigail:

Princess Abigail (American Royalty)

King John II (American Royalty)

Susanna Adams (American Royalty)

Prince Charles (American Royalty)

Prince Thomas (American Royalty)

Elizabeth Adams (American Royalty)

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