Henry VII ruled a nation of France, UK, Belgium, Italy and Spain *Ireland too* The king ruled for a strong 60 years. He lived during the great wars of merto.

Who is he?

Henry VII was born a strong and noble child in 1623, next in line to the crown but he had to wait for his father, Richard VI to die. And in 1633 his father died, He was a sad child but never had any training to hold the crown! So King Henry VII in 1684 his wife gave birth to a boy, Arthur who would only hold the crown for 7 years until his death. Two years later another boy was born with joy, the future Henry VIII of Flodden! So while his brother was happy that he was next in line to the crown he didn't know he would die young.

Illnesses and injuries.

Henry VII got his first reported illness in 1642, " The king had a high fever and didn't know what to do. Tears leaked out of his eyes forever." Today we think the illness he got was marburg. Even though he didn't cry blood he didn't know what to do. His first injury came in 1654 with a head injury in a jousting accident. A year later he had another.

He lost his eye five years later, 13 years later a wrenched foot then 20 years later death.

His grave is located in Madrid.

Birth  : March 6 1623

Baptized : August 13 1693

Death : August 14 1693

Burial : September 14 1693

Successor : Arthur I

Previous : Richard VI

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