Born in 1832 Prince George Washington Custis, named for his grandfather King George II would become the King George III in 1873.

Marriage and Family

In 1873 when his mother Queen Mary I died King George III was crowned King of the United States.

George Washington Custis married in 1862 to Princess Helena of the Kingdom of England, the daughter of then-Queen Victoria of England. It was a politically motivated marriage meant to ease tensions between the United States and the reconstituted Kingdom of England.

They had 9 children.

Princess Victoria (1863-1952)

Princess Mary (1865-1926)

Princess Martha (1868-1957)

Princess Anna (1870-1932)

Prince Albert Custis (1871-1921)-Named for his German grandfather Prince Albert suffered from hemophilia, but would live long enough to become king upon his father's death.

Prince Robert Custis (1871-1941)-Twin of Prince Albert.

Princess Helena (1872-1952)

Princess Alice (1873-1950)

Prince George (1874-1934)

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