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King Francois (Frederick the Great)

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King Francois and his family.

King Francois + Queen Marie-Sophie

Children of Francois and Marie-Sophie

1.King Alexander:1869-1934 Married Princess Anastasia of Montenegro:1868-1935

2.Princess Marie:1869-1910 Married King Frederick Augustus the Third of Saxony

Grandchildren by

1P. King Alexander and Princess Anastasia

1.King Noah :1886-1963 married Princess Maria Georgina

2.King Nazaria:1888-1972 Married Princess Christianne

2P.King Frederick Augustus and Princess Maria

1.King Bernard:1881-1938

2.Princess Christianne:1883-1963

3.King Erhard:1884-1971 Married Duchess Eleanor Roosevelt of Manhattan

3P.King Alexander and Princess Christianne

1.Princess Joanne:1894-1951

2.Princess Desdemona: 1900-1976

3.Princess Emilia:1907-1977

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