King Augustine I (born Lawrence Augustine WashingtonApril 11, 1774 - February 15, 1824was King of the United States from 1799 till his death in 1824 and a nephew of United States[1]Monarch George I and son of Price Samuel Washington and his fourth wife, Anne Steptoe. He was later known as "the Land-expander"

Lawrence was born at Mont Vernon Palace. After his father's death, he, along with his brother George Steptoe and sister Harriot, went to live with their uncle, King George, for a time. The future King paid for him and his brother to be educated at Georgetown academy. Lawrence Augustine married Mary Dorcas Wood on November 6, 1797 in Winchester, Virginia. Together, the couple had four children.

1799 Sucession Crisis

After the death of Kng George I on December 14, 1799, the United States Constitution followed the Rules of Sucession of 1797and the crown fell apon Augustines brother George Steptoe Washington. He refused the crown and renounced all claimes and Royal Titles, but still tok the title "Duke of Harewood". the Crown then fell to Lawrence. Lawrence Reluctantly took the Throne since he was the younger brother of George and did not have much experiance as a monarch. 

The King had led the American people through the War of 1812 and led the Kingdom out of Isolationism and made the United States of America a global Power.

Forein Relations

Augustien had many foreign relation polocies during his reign, but the most prominant foreign relation was with the Frech Emperor, Napoleon I. The Emperor had sold the territory of Louisiana to the United States for pennies as an act of unofficial Alliance. King George III of the United Kingdom had seen this as a way of getting to him and the British and declared war on the Americans on June 18, 1812. The war lasted until March 23, 1815 and resulted in the burning of the White Palace. The United States lost the Territory of Mane, part of the Province of Massachussets.


On February 15, 1824, King Augustine I died of old age and had surviving issue. His eldest son, George, succeded him as King George II.

Titles and Sucessions
Geroge I "the Liberator" King of the United Staes of America Goerge II "the Lame"
Prince Francis Washington Duke of Harewood

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