King Keoni of the OTL state of Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia was the first conqueror of the Pacific Islands. He was also the first king of the Keoni Dynasty. King Keoni's background is very obscure and historians believe that he had risen out of the poor in the coral atoll of Sorol.


King Keoni was born in the coral atoll of Sorol. His parents are believed to have been peasants. His parents are unknown. Keoni's parents died in an attack on the King's island. King Keoni was found by the local chief of the island. When Keoni grew up he gathered the support of the military and overthrew the chief. Keoni the became King of the island. He was a gifted and talented ruler. He solved many problems amongst the people and lead the army on many expeditions. He eventually conquered the first Polynesian Empire. The empire was known as the Keoni Dynasty.

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