Killing of the Eagle, the Lion, and the Bear
The Big Three

Historically, Operation Long Jump was a Nazi German operation that entailed capturing or assassinating Franklin Roosevelt, Iosif Stalin, and Winston Churchill while they met at the Soviet embassy in Tehran. Headed by notorious Commando Otto Skorzeny, the operation was never implemented. It had been discovered by Nikolai Kuznetsov while posing as officer in the Wehrmacht known as Paul Siebert. SS Sturmbannführer Hans Ulrich von Ortel, who was widely known as a social drinker, gave away the plan while intoxicated. Gevork Vartanian's establishment of a spy network around Tehran in light of this did not help matters, and the growing pressure upon the German agents finally led to the plan's abandonment.

But could things have been different? What if Nikolai Kuzentsov had failed to draw the information out of Ortel, or had been discovered beforehand? Would the plan have succeeded in its objective? Would the deaths of the "Big Three" give the Axis victory?

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