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With Himmler increasing his power in Germany, John and the other anti-Nazis decide they must make their move quickly, before Himmler is able to take over the nation. On July 7, 1931, they proclaim the "Deutscher Unitarischer Staat" or the "German Unitarian State" in Hamburg, and are able to take over the city and most of northern Germany in a couple weeks, with many of the small town mayors pledging their support.

The Nazis realize that the DUS has been able to gain much support, with the people tired of the heavy-handed Stormtroopers disrupting normal life, as well as the enormous financial backing of the big businesses, such as Krupp and I.G. Farben, so they must try to stop the DUS. Himmler declares that the DUS is "...possibly the greatest threat to the German Nation!", and announce that the German Unitarian State is to be destroyed - just as John and the anti-Nazis wanted.

What do you do now?

Civil War!

Use the Nazis aggressive behavior against themselves

Kill Himmler during the Siege

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