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You manage to escape from Germany into France, cross the English Channel, and make your way to London as fast as you can. The British Government, unfortunately, is less than agreeable, and you are thrown out onto the street with them laughing in your face. A bystander, however, pulls you up and says he believes you. He introduces himself as Henry Mottershead, a rather wealthy man who says he can help you financially and numerically. He also says that he is aware the UK will not last forever, though he did not think the threat would be from Germany, remebering WWI. Nevertheless, with his wealth, power, and connections, he would be a great asset to your campaign; but also someone much more dangerous could. . .He invites you to dinner at his mansion to seal the deal and stop Germany;

How do you react?

Go With Him To His Mansion

Go With Him, But Remain Cautious

Refuse and Return to Your Home

Jazon Naparleon 15:56, August 4, 2010 (UTC)

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