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John, the Irishman who killed Hitler, is called upon again for his expertise. With Hitler and Himmler out of the picture, there would be no one left in the Nazi party to coordinate an effective takeover, thus leading to its collapse, and lack of power in the German parliament. John agrees, but doubles his price. He then meets Heinrich at a popular high-class German restaurant, where both of whom feel an immediate bond of kinship between one another. At half past eleven of the clock, each of whom become so inebriated with wine, they decide to take up room in the hotel across the street, for fear of having an automobile accident like Adolf.

Heinrich falls asleep as soon as he hits the bed, but John stays up in the bathroom for half an hour, going over the plan, waiting for Heinrich to enter the deep stage of sleep, and tries to stave off his drunkeness. Soon, he hears the snores of Himmler in the other room, draws his twelve-inch bowie knife, and slowly approaches the bed. He raises his weapon above his head, apologizes for having kill a man he shared such camradery, and plunged it deep, into bed. But the snoreing did not stop, the lights flashed on, and John was blinded for a moment, but then he saw what had transpired; Himmler had a tape recorder upon his pillow, and several sheets stuffed under the bedspread to appear as a sleeping man, all while Heinrich himself waited by the door holding a gun.

"Heinrich, buddy, I can explain!" John pleads

"The authorities will be here any minute, explain it to them."

What does John do?

Try to kill Himmler

Try to talk his way out of it

Escape out the window

Jazon Naparleon 18:25, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

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