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Kilaiye War



British Antarctica


Defeat of the Kilaiye; end of Native resistance in Eastern Antarctica


Flag of Eduarda (Great White South) British Antarctica

Kilaiye Confederacy


Ki'sak Mato

Casualties and Losses

The Kilaiye War was a conflict in 1890 between the British Empire and the loose Kilaiye Confederation, an alliance of four tribes in what is now Eduarda. The war marked the most significant effort by the British to subdue the natives, and was the last major conflict between native Antarcticans and Europeans in eastern Antarctica (conflict would arise in the more populous West Antarctica).

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British soldiers in pursuit of a group of Kilaiye raiders.

Background to Conflict

Kilaiye People

The Kilaiye were an ethnic group as old as the "Ognian Three" in western Antarctica - they had a unique culture and language completely unrelated and independent from that of the mighty Kingdom of K'athar to the west. While the K'atharans were fishermen and whale hunters, the Kilaiye relied on native Antarctic livestock and crop production in the warm, fertile eastern shores. They were also never organized as a single state - the Kilaiye included dozens of individual tribes that were part of the five major subgroups - the Inok, the Mo'doa, the Shinin, the Eksey, and the Tyiotak.

British Encounter

The British in British East Antarctica came into first contact with the Shinin, whose traditional territory was along the northern coast. While encounters were at first cordial, the British observed the success Russia had in dealing with K'atharans and soon began engaging in open conflict with the Shinin tribes. One Shinin warrior, Ki'sak Mato, led a brave raid against a far-flung British trading post at Wellington, isolated from the rest of the colony. The Shinin claimed 43 British lives, and Ki'sak Mato, who spoke nominal English, sent the corpses in burial shrouds to the British governor.

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