The Kievan Horde was an attempted alliance between the East European Khanates of Crimea, Astrakhan, Nogai, Khazan, and Sibir, in reaction to the repeated raids by the Principality of Muscovy and their push to the east. These Khans were to meet annually at the city of Kiev in the Crimea to discuss any issues or disagreements they face.

Since the creation of the Horde, the Ottoman Empire continues to delpoy artisans, light artillery, and cavalry to increase the military technology of all parties.

Obligations of the Horde

  • All the Khans shall be treated equally, and carry no weapons with them on the day of gathering in Kiev
  • On the day of gathering, the Khans shall meet peacefully and work to the greater effication of all parties
  • The Khans will be obligated to aid each other if threatened by an outside nation
  • All the Khanates shall give free and safe passage to pilgrims and traders from each other, and settle any international dispute at the day of gathering.
  • All the Khanates shall accept Islam to freely spread in their nation



This is where proposals should be posted.

Anti-Muscovite agreement

  • All members of the pact shall agree to an alliance against muscovy.
  • Should Muscovy attack any member of this pact, all members of this pact shall retaliate against them, with military force.
  • All members of the pact shall attempt to prevent Muscovy from expanding.
  • No members shall form an alliance with Muscovy, without good reason.


  • Nogai Horde: Nogai Stronk!
  • Crimea Khanate
  • Sibir Horde:
  • Kazakhs: Bulat Khan (signed in 1529)


Unification of the Kievan Horde

Crimean Proposal

  • The military of all the Khanates should be combined into a single army
  • The Khans will vote on an elected Khagan who will administer as a High King, but first among equals
  • The Khagan will serve for life, but not be hereditary
  • All previous agreements will stand
  • The sovereignty of the Khanates will not be infringed



  • I agree with the idea, however it's not clear in my head how we'll achieve it. Will it be like a HRE with the Hordes, as a nation with vassals (like the Ottoman Empire) or truly as one single nation? Zamarak500 (talk) 02:04, March 1, 2016 (UTC)

This is pretty much the pro-confederacy rebels goal. Who recently won the civil war. (Nogai)

Changing the Kievan Horde's Name

Kazakh Proposal

  • To mark the distinction between the Alliance known as the Kievan Horde and the new Khaganate, it should be renamed Kievan Khanagate.
  • OOC: We should also create a new page for this new Khaganate, similar to the HRE page, with nation's stats, list of rulers and so on.


  • Crimean Khanate:
  • Kazakh Khanate: Burat Khan Zamarak500 (talk) 01:47, March 2, 2016 (UTC)
  • Nogai Khanate:
  • Sibir Khanate:
  • Astrakhan:



First Khagan Election: 1533


  • Burat Khan, Khan all Kazakhs, head of House Beg.


  • Crimean Khanate: Burat Khan
  • Kazakh Khanate: Burat Khan
  • Nogai Khanate:
  • Sibir Khanate:
  • Astrakhan:


  • Burat Khan invite any other Khan to present his own views on the election. He will personaly consider that the Nogai can't rule due to their recent civil war, leaving them without clear leadership (according to him) and that, although Giray Khan is respected, Burat Khan has more experience.

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