Kialgory (English pronunciation: Kee-al-goree; Russian: Киалгорий/Kialgoriy. Russian pronunciation: Kyal-gorii) is the largest city in Alaska, and is the country's primary financial, economic, cultural and international center, being considered a rising world-city. The city is located along the Bow River in the District of Kialgoriy and the city center is located only a three and a half miles north of the American border.

Kialgory, with a population of about one million people, is the center of the Kialgory Metropolitan Area, which in Alaska is a region of approximately three and a half million, and when including American suburbs such as Montana City, Prairie and Cobb, closer to four million. As a whole, Kialgory and its metropolitan region form the southern anchor of the Kialgory-Evgenigrad Megalopolitan Corridor, in which about eleven million people (about a third of Alaska's population) live.

Kialgory is home to L6, a major Alaskan financial company, Bankaska, the second-largest bank in the country, as well as the regional headquarters of several major US financial companies. While Evgenigrad to the north is home to the oil and technological industries, Kialgory's manufacturing base and blue-collar suburban identity powers the cities' industrial culture.

Kialgory is equivalent to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in our timeline.

Kialgory's skyline

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