Timeline: A World Apart
Khur Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Urd Area, 40 AU 2
Controlled territories pictured in yellow.

Khu khanu dem Nak. (Khurid)
(""We rule through Nak."")

(and largest city)
Language Khurid
Religion Nakkism
Ethnic Group Analogian
Demonym Khurid
Government Military Dictatorship
Area 8600 sq km
Population 1700 
Established 13 AU.
Khur is a city-state formed in the central eastern peninsula of Analogis. It is the second city-state ever formed and is noted for being the first example of a rigid military dictatorship.


Khur is located in the south of the central eastern Analogian peninsula. Located in the north of the Tropic Zone, as well the eastern part of the Kalmk desert, Khur is surrounded by mostly rocky and barren terrain, though the area near the Nak River, which protects the western border of the city, is surprisingly lush. Small amounts of desert flora and fauna exist in the east of the territory, but all of the livable landmass is located along the banks of the Nak River. It is located roughly 150 km away from the city-state of Urd and 180 km from the southern ocean. It borders the city-state of Kardi to the south and the city-state of Manum to the north.







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