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Khrysantania (Great Empires)

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Galaxy Kolorosia
Planetary System {{{Planetary sytem}}}
Suns One: Athena
Moons One
Rotation period 26 standard hours
Diameter 16,500 km
Primary terrain Urban cityscape
Atmosphere Breathable
Native species Khrysantians
Immigrated species None
Government Absolute, elective monarchy
Language Khrysantian, Nadasti
Population Three trillion
*100% Khrysantians
Capital Khrysanaita
Affiliation Intergalactic Republic
Khrysantania is a large planet in the Khrysantania System in the Kolorosia Galaxy. It is one of the most populous planets, with a population of more than three trillion and is of vital importance to the Intergalactic Republic due to its unique, extremely durable resource, Khrysantion. It is home to the tall species of Khrysantians.

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