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Khmer people

Chakravarman I - Suryavarman II - Vizalavarman I
SuryavanaPrince Serey200px-Virak Dara
Suryavana - Prince Serey - Virak Dara Keopichpisey1eVann NathTuy Sereivathana
Keo Pich Pisey - Vann Nath - Tuy Sereivathana

150px-27523 117616998271166 8494 n220px-Haing S. NgorRossereysothea
Sinn Sisamouth - Haing S. Ngor - Ros Sereysothea
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Khmerempireflag Khmer Empire 125,000,000
Flag of Burma 1943 Burma 15,000,000
42StatesUSFlag United States of America 3,000,000
New Chinese Imperial Flag China 800,000
Flag of India India 700,000
Predominantly Hinduism, Buddhist minority
 The Khmer people are the people who mainly inhabit the Khmer Empire.

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