Cambodia has always been a heredity absolute monarchy nation. Like many examples in history, more often than not, this system could resulted in civil war or at the very least leaded to dividing political landscape between supporters of different princes. Cambodian refer to the situation as "changing the earth". In 1193, the Emperor Jayavarman VII written down a formal rules of succession to prevent anyone in the imperial family fighting for the throne.

Rules of Succession

  1. A ruling monarch cannot appoint an heir. Only the Royal Council has the authority to do so.
  2. Only an official heir can inherit the throne. He or She must be married by the time he or she inherits the throne.
  3. The oldest surviving son of the previous monarch is the first in line of succession providing that he has the approval of the Royal Council.
  4. If no surviving male candidate, female candidate can be appointed as the successor.
  5. If the most suitable candidate is not yet 16 years old, the Empress temporarily co-running the country.

Requirement to be the Empress

  1. She must be a Khmer citizen with at least 5 generations being Khmer citizens as well, (parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great-great grandparents, great-great-great grandparents).
  2. She must be born in Cambodia.
  3. She must be a Buddhist and has not ever been converting into any other religion.
  4. She must never had been in relationship with foreigner before.
  5. She must never work in any position in foreign government.
  6. She must never had any criminal record.
  7. She must never married or has children before.
  8. She must have stable mental condition.
  9. She must not have physical condition from birth which result in permanent loss of physical ability.
  10. Her parents must be together by the time she becomes an Empress.
  11. She does not have to be a royal blood.

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