The Khmer Kingdom
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Cambodia, partial Malay Peninsula
Red Khmer flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
The Khmer Kingdom II
The Khmer Kingdom in Purple
Capital and Largest City Angkor Thom
Language Khmer Language (ខេមរភាសា)
Buddhism and Thenmobism
  others Hindu Minority
Ethnic Groups
  others Thai, Lao, Sinican, Japanese, Maurya, Cham minorities
Demonym Khmer
Government Monarchy
  legislature King
Area 210,000 km2
Established 907 (154 AD)
Independence from The Srivijaya Empire (L'Uniona Homanus)

The Foundation of the Khmer Kingdom

The Khmer Kingdom was established after a series of destructive rebellions which burned many cities especially the areas wherein the Nobility from Srivijaya built their villas and palaces. The Khmer, as well as other groups of people, became dissatisfied with the government of the Srivijaya. Their nobility was oppressive and the taxation of the people was driving them to starvation. Leaders in the intellectual movement among the youth of the Southeast Asian Peninsula such as Yasovarman stirred up a coutnry which was had been feeling very disenfranchised for years. The Mon people, who were sent by the Maurya to turn these people violent in an attempt to destroy the Srivijaya Empire, come in afterwards and started many of the conflagrations in major cities. The Srivijaya failed to invade the peninsula and the Khmer declared themselves independent in 907 (154 AD).

Kings of the Khmer

Jayavarman 908-931 (155-178 AD) close friend of Yasovarman

Uthumphon 931-946 (178-193 AD)

Jayavarman II 946-971 (193-218 AD)

Jayavarman III 971-986 (218-233 AD)

Samnang 986-999 (233-246 AD)

Veasna 999-1012 (246-259 AD)

Uthumphon II 1012-1027 (259-274 AD)

Jayavarman IV 1027-1052 (274-299 AD)

Vaesna II 1052-1068 (299-315 AD)

Chantrea 1068-1083 (315-330 AD)

Chantrea II 1083-1097 (330-344 AD)

Jayavarman V 1097- (344- AD)


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