The Khitans were a nomadic Mongolian people from Mongolia and Manchuria, who first appeared in the fourth century AD. They domesticated animals, hunted and fished.

In 900, the Khitans united under a mysterious figure known as the Showoo Qan, literally "Falcon King". It was said that he was unmatched with the sword and the bow. The Khitans send diplomats to various tribes ranging the vast lands of Mongolia and Manchuria. Most of them accepted the Khitans' authority. When some Mongolian tribes insulted the Showoo Qan by murdering three diplomats, a Khitan army appeared in a few days and slaughtered any rebels, stealing children to train as Khitan soldiers, taking the women as wives, and drafting the men into Khitan ranks. Thus, the Showoo Qanate, also known as the Khitan Confederation, was formed.

In 902, Showoo Qan announced his plans of crafting a civilized empire from his nomadic confederation to his most trusted advisors and generals. The first step for this venture was taken by introducing laws banning the harming of merchants and tradesmen, thus swelling the trade in Mongolia and Manchuria. Furs from Siberia were exchanged with gold and other riches from China. These reforms also lead to an influx of Chinese and Korean peasants who hoped to escape the political upheaval of their home countries. The empty steppes of the Far East were finally being farmed and settled. In 903, the Showoo Qan led his army north into Siberia to secure more tribes to swell his army. He was well on his way to the next objective, secure enough land for an empire to match the Middle Kingdom.

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