Eastern Tourkia
Timeline: Saint Muhammad
Preceded by 448-763 (independent)
763-??? (vassal of the Sassanids)
Succeeded by
Gökturk Confederation
Flag of Georgia First Iberian Kingdom
??? (Finnic Empire?)
 Flag of Georgia Second Iberian Kingdom
Capital: Balanjar
Largest city: Balanjar
Khazar, Hebrew
  other languages: Georgian, Armenian, Greek, Uralic, Slavic
  other religions: Christianity, Zoroastrianism
Ethnic groups:
  other: European
Type of government: Semi-nomadic Monarchy
  government: tribal monarchs
Area: area km²
Population: population 
Currency: bartering, Byzantine Solidus

The Khazar Empire was a semi-nomadic confederation of states that appeared in the early fifth century in the northern caucasus near to the Uralic Urheimat in the Volga River. Speaking a Turkic language, they annexed a large part of the Caucasus and the Aral area (including the civilised Kingdom of Iberia) before collapsing to Mordvin and Persian troops, losing much land to the Mordvins in the north and to a new kingdom of Iberia before becoming a Sassanid vassal. The Empire was notable for its early conversion to Judaism.

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