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Khanate of Kazan
Qazan Xanlığı
Flag of the Kazan Khanate.svg
Bez Buldırabız!
The Patriotic March
Royal anthem: 
God Save the Khan
(and city)
Official languages Tatar (Khan's court)
Regional Languages Russian
Ethnic groups (2013) Altaic, Russian
Religion Faith of Sky
Demonym Kazanite
Government Loose Band of Khanates
 -  Khagan Ulugh II
 -  Vizier Ali Khan
Legislature Kurultay 1
 -   estimate about a hundred thousand 
Currency Pound Sterling (£)
Time zone UTC (UTC0)
Date formats DD/MM/YYYY

The Khanate of Kazan (Qazan Xanlığı) is a descentralised state located in the remnants of the territories formerly known as Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, which formed after decades of Chaos posterior to the collapse of the Russian Empire in the local area. Kazan is not a centralised state and can not achieve proper power projection, but its constant raids are a threat to states surrounding. Led by a tribal Khan, but controlling Kazan, one of the largest cities in Russia post-apocalypse, Kazan is a nation of opposites; it has extremely varying levels in religion, population, culture and civilisation.