Khalistan | ਖਾਲਿਸਤਾਨ | Khālistān (Punjabi)

Capital: Lahore

Largest city: Lahore (12,503,712)

Official language: Punjabi

Other languages: Balti, Chitrali, Dogri, English, Hindi, Kashmiri, Pashto, Shina

Official religion: Sikhism

Ethnic groups: 79.2% Punjabi, 11.5% Pashtun, 3.7% Pahari, 2.9% Kashmiri, 1.4% Dogra, 1.3% others

Religions: Sikhism (78.9%), Pashtunism (11.4%), Hinduism (7.7%), Others (0.8%), Non-religious (1.2%)

Demonym: Khalistani

Government: Theocratic state | Unitary parliamentary

Jathedar: Simranjit Singh Mann

Chief Minister: Manmohan Singh

Legislature: Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee

Independence (from United Kingdom):

-Dominion of Punjab and Kashmir: August 14, 1947

-Khalistan: March 23, 1956

Area: 722,315 sq km

Population (2014): 182,491,072

Currency: Nanakshahi (KHN)

Internet TLD: .kh

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