Khai sáng của Việt Nam or Enlightenment of Vietnam is an ATL that focuses on if the ancient nation of Au Lac manages to fight back the Qin Dynasty and afterward reorganizes itself, making OTL slightly different.


  • An Dương Vươngmanaes in his teenage years begins to take interests in strategy tablets from China. He soon quickly creates his own ideas and like in OTL unites the tribes of Vietnam. Due his new founded knowledge, Duong quickly beats back the Qin Dynasty and reforms his newly and formerly owned territory and renames his nation from Au Lac to the Au Lac Dynasty.


It is the early age of mankind with little news within Asia, of course continental things at the time such as wars where usually unknown to most. In Xiang, a teenager, An Dương Vương, is searching through tablets in an early tablet center (or as said in OTL, a Library) finding little other then myths. But Duong has no time for legends, he continues to search hoping to find at least a small tablet that would give him some form of inspiration; but while quickly searching through, he accidentally bumps some onto the floor. He quickly begins to pick up the tablets when a tablet catches his eye; he quickly reads through it and finds something more then what he was searching for. It was a tablet that told of different forms of battle tactics and soldier formations; Duong is shocked to find such a tablet and soon finds a few more tablets written by the same author. He quickly picks up the tablets and heads back to the hut he had reserved. When he returns home, Duong begins to calculate and form his own tactics and regulations, not knowing that such knowledge would bring upon to the unsuspecting world the Au Lac Dynasty. (More to be continued later, good night everyone)

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