Khadaga I
Raja of the Ganga Dynasty

Raja of the Ganga Dynasty
Reign 615-644
Coronation 615
Predecessor  ?
Successor Khanchana I
Full name
Khadaga Ganga
Dynasty Ganga Dynasty
Born  ???
Died 644
Religion Hinduism
Occupation Hunting

Khadaga I was the Raja of the Ganga Dynasty from 615 to 644. He suceeded to his father and kept peace in his kingdom while the Tibetan Kingdom appeared.

He is considered the last "Peacekeeper Raja" of the Ganga Dynasty, following his ancestors policies of neutrality in the region.

His death during a hunting accident caused many to believed he was assassinated, and others to believe his son was responsible.


  • Candrabhattarika (F): 624-657, died of childbirth
  • Raja Khanchana I of the Ganga Dynasty (M),succeeded to Khadaga I: 626-679
  • Vasumati (F): 628-668, died of illness
  • Somesvara (M): 632-691.

He was Admiral of the Ganga Dynasty's fleet during his brother's reign, as well as during the first part of his nephew's reign. His assault on the Gupta coasts during the First Great War of India was one of the turning point for the Ganga forces. He died accompaning his nephew Palaka I to the Chenla Kingdom. He was also the presumptive heir to his brother from 644 to the birth of Palaka in 653.

  • Queen Bhogavati (F), wife to the Tegin of the Hephthalite Empire: 633-680
  • Chandravarman (M): 837-682

He was General of the Northern Armies during his brother's reign. He was responsible of the forces on the Ganga-Gupta frontiers, and thus was the first Ganga officer to lead army into a fight during the First Great War of India. He died a month after Palaka I coronation.

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