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The Kerr Republic is a Representative Democracy centered around Kerr Lake. Its capital is Henderson. It spans most of OTL Vance and Granville County and some of the Roanoake River.

200px-Map of North Carolina highlighting Granville County.svg


Kerr Lake was a lake on the borders of Virginia and North Carolina. Henderson, the capital of the Kerr Republic, was the county seat of Vance County. The city once had a population of over 12,000. Kerr Lake was once legally fought over by North Carolina and Virginia.


Raleigh was destroyed during Doomsday, leaving a mushroom cloud visible from south Granville County. Henderson was subject to panic and rioting for weeks until an autocratic man united the city. Freedom went down and Henderson became a dictatorship. Meanwhile, a neighborhood on the border of Kerr Lake had a more peaceful unification, soon expanding around Kerr Lake. They were called the Nation of Kerr.

The Kerr/Henderson War

Henderson and Kerr soon had a run in around 1989. Henderson and Kerr were hostile until 1990, when Henderson invaded Kerr. The war lasted for two years until Kerr was taken by Henderson. Under Hendersonian rule, northern Kerr became poor while southern Kerr became richer.

Morale, however, was universally high. The former leader of Kerr met with others who were unhappy with Henderson. They created a militia and word spread around Henderson.

The Revolution

The revolution was kicked off in 1994. The battles were long and bloody, but the rebellion had come out ontop. Henderson was renamed The Kerr Republic, since most of the empire had included Kerr Lake. A constitution was created, and the Kerr Republic was born on January 12, 1995.

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