November 22nd, 1963- John F. Kennedy narrowly escapes an assassination attempt in Dallas. Advisors credit survival to Kennedy not wearing his usual back brace. JFK returns to Washington after release from the Dallas hospital.

1964- Plagued by unpopularity and accused of conspiring against President Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson is dropped from the 1964 Democratic ticket in favor of Hubert Humphrey. Johnson retires from politics and dies at his Texas home in 1973. Meanwhile, JFK continues to be popular among voters, defeating Republican challenger Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater in a landslide.

1965- In his second inaugural address, Kennedy lays out his plan to extend world peace. He sees the Vietnam conflict as an "unnecessary option" for American interests, and seeks to focus on domestic issues such as Civil Rights. During Kennedy's second term, Martin Luther King, Jr. visits the White House, the Civil Rights Act is passed, and a scandal involving JFK surfaces. Kennedy publicly apologizes, and his approval rating remains over 55% until he leaves office.

1968- After "watering down" his activism against Civil Rights in order to win on a national scale, Alabama Governor George Wallace is barely defeated by Robert Kennedy despite the latter's scandal uncovered by the FBI. The Republicans nominate Richard Nixon, along with running mate George Romney. Despite an era of good feelings from the JFK years, Nixon wins by a solid margin.

1969- George Wallace meets with several Southern governors who reject the Civil Rights Movement. They draft a multi-state nullification of the Civil Rights Act to the new Nixon administration, which is rejected almost immediately. Furious with the refusal, Wallace threatens secession.

1995- On October 4, while eating a bowl of clam chowder at his home in Hyannis, Massachusetts, with his wife and two secret service agents, JFK collapses onto the ground after having an apparent stroke. Within ten minutes, an ambulance arrives at the scene taking him to the hospital. In route to the hospital, JFK is pronounced dead. Three paramedics in the back of the ambulance attempt to revive the former president, but it was too late. He was 78 years old. An autopsy confirmed that it was indeed a stroke that killed John F. Kennedy. On October 8, 1995, a funeral was held at a local Roman Catholic Church in Hyannis.  

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