Kennedy Assassination Attempt
John Kennedy Assassination atempt
The first shot. Hitting Kennedy through the neck and into Connolly's back.
Location: Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas

November 22, 1963

12:30 p.m. (Central Time)

Target: John F. Kennedy
Attack Type: Sniper style assassination
Weapon(s): 6.5 x 52mm Italian Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle 
Deaths: 1 (Governor John Connolly)
Injured: 2 (John F. Kennedy) and (James Tague)
Perpetrator: Lee Harvey Oswald

The Kennedy Assassination Attempt took place on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. The assassin was Lee Harvey Oswald.


Arrival in Dallas, Texas

On Friday, November 22, 1963, at 11:40 am CST, Kennedy, his wife Jacqueline, and the rest of the presidential entourage arrived at Love Field in northwest Dallas aboard Air Force One after a very short flight from nearby Carswell Air Force Base, west of Fort Worth. The motorcade cars had been lined up in a certain order earlier that morning. The original schedule was for the president to proceed in a long motorcade from Love Field through downtown Dallas, and end at the Dallas Business and Trade Mart.

The motorcade was scheduled to enter Dealey Plaza at 12:10 pm, followed by a 12:15 pm arrival at the Dallas Business and Trade Mart so President Kennedy could deliver a speech and share in a steak luncheon with Dallas government, business, religious, and civic leaders and their spouses. Invitations that were sent out specify a noon start time to the luncheon while SS agent Lawson told Chief Curry that after arriving at Love Field and leaving at 11:30 the 38-45 minute trip would get them to the Trade Mart on time. Air Force One touched down at 11:39 am and the Presidential motorcade did not leave Love Field until approximately fifteen minutes later.

Dallas/Fort Worth's television stations were given separate assignments. As Bob Walker of WFAA-TV 8 (ABC) was providing live coverage of the President's arrival at Love Field, KRLD-TV 4 (CBS) with Eddie Barker was set up at the Trade Mart for Kennedy's luncheon speech. KTVT Channel 11 (Independent), had originated live coverage of the President's breakfast speech in Fort Worth earlier that day. On hand to report the arrival on radio was Joe Long of KLIF 1190.[1]

The Shooting

Around 12:29 p.m. the open limousine entered Dealey Plaza they passed the School Book Depository on Elm Street. Then Nellie Connolly turned around to Mr. Kennedy and said, "Mr. President, you can't say Dallas doesn't love you," which the president acknowledged.

Then the first shot was fired from the Depository it missed and his a curb and injuring a bystander, James Tague. Mr. Kennedy then stopped waving his hand and Connolly sharply turning right. Then in the Zapruder Film the motorcade disappeared behind a sign. When the limo appeared Mr. Kennedy clenched his fists and rose his hands to his throat. Connolly was hit in the upper back, wrist, and leg which his wife turned to him and started to pull him down. Mrs. Kennedy turned to her husband and then looked back at the Depository and noticed the weapon in the window and then she pulled down her husband as the third shot was fired. Since Mr. Kennedy was pulled out of the was the shot his Connolly in the head, killing him instantly and fell into his wife's lap which she covered him. Special Agent, Clint Hill, ran from the back of the follow up car and jumped on the back of the Kennedy motorcade as the car picked up speed and headed toward Parkland Hospital.

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