Commonwealth of Kennedy
Timeline: Venusian Haven

OTL equivalent: Ishtar Terra (Venus).
Flag of Kennedy (Venusian Haven)
Flag of Kennedy
Location of Kennedy (Venusian Haven)
Location of Kennedy

Not because they are easy,
but because they are hard.

Capital Challenger
Largest city Port Kennedy
Other cities Armstrong, New Brooklyn
  others French, Russian, Spanish
  others Islam, Judaism, Scientology
Demonym Kennedian
Government Unitary presidential republic
  legislature Congress
President Bill Nelson (D)
Area 2,500,000 km²
Independence from the United States
  declared 2001
  recognized 2002
Currency Credit (CRD)
Internet TLD .kd
Organizations UN, UNVC, VF

Kennedy, officially known as the Commonwealth of Kennedy, is a sovereign state located in southeastern Ishtar Terra on planet Venus. The nation began as a series of settlements established by the United States throughout the 1990s, with the city of Port Kennedy being built around the American landing site. These settlements declared their independence in late 2001, following in the footsteps of New Kamchatka months prior.

Because of the nation's northern location, the United States opted to construct their primary spaceport outside of Ishtar Terra (later to become part of New Florida). Due in great part to this decision, Kennedy has developed as a primarily agricultural-based nation (being regarded as a breadbasket of Venus). The overall climate across Kennedy is subtropical, with the north being extremely mountainous and the south being comprised of fertile valleys.


The nation was named in reference to the city of Port Kennedy, which in turn was named in honor of US President John F. Kennedy. The Kennedy administration was instrumental in the expansion of the American space program and for encouraging a path towards an American Moonshot within the 1960s.

Government and Politics

The Commonwealth of Kennedy is a unitary state comprised of many counties. Due in great part to the nation's size, Kennedy has been a decently decentralized state where the counties and town have considerable autonomy (compared to the counties of the United States).

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