The Kennedy-Rockefeller Dynasty, now called simply the House of Kennedy, is the ruling family of The Kingdom of New England. The current head of the house is King Joseph of New England.

The House was formed by the merger of the powerful Kennedy family with the ruling Rockefeller Dynasty. It was known as the House of Kennedy-Rockefeller until 1997, when King Edward dropped the Rockefeller due to its association with New York, then in a state of war with New England. Rumours assert that the family is 'cursed', as demonstrated by the unfortunate deaths of King John, King Robert, and several other royals. However, coincidence is considered more likely. King Edward enjoyed a long reign, and died much beloved by his people.

The House is supported to a large extent by the New England Whig Party, which functions as its legislative arm.

Rulers of New England
1954-1963 King John Kennedy-Rockefeller
1963-1968 King Robert Kennedy-Rockefeller
1968-1979 King Nelson Kennedy-Rockefeller
1979-2009 King Edward Kennedy-Rockefeller (later Kennedy)
2009- King Joseph Kennedy

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