Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is one of the most common symbols of Kemetism

Kemetism (from the name Kemet) is a religion, traditionally followed by the Kemetic people. It consists of a system of beliefs in many deities, rituals and traditions which continue to form an integral part of many Kemetic people. The religion has many gods and goddesses, who often represent some aspect of nature or life. The religion's head is the High Priest of Amun, who was traditionally a different person than the Pharaoh, but since Ankhosis, the Pharaoh and the High Priest of Amun have been the same person.

The Pharaoh, who is considered the Son/Daughter of Ra (Kemetic: Sa-Rê or Sat-Rê), and a living god, is a highly revered figure in the religion. The Kemetic religion is the majority religion of Kemet (where it's the state religion) and Akset.

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