Kakaisaran Pesisiranyar is a Pacific empire in the America's that runs from the coast of Southern Mexico down to the Coast of Peru. Founded by Majapahit Indonesian seafarers they managed to land off the coast of Panama by the 14th century and expanded their influence throughout the East Pacific by the Late 15th century. In this universe Christopher Columbus happened to die on his first journey. The Death of Columbus and his men had struck fear into Europe, Pedro Alvare Cabral never discovered Brazil because he refused to sail west on rumours the western seas are deadly. Many immigrants from the Incan and Aztec empires had migrated to the Pesisieranyar West Coast. Many temples including Hindu temples brought by Javanese and Balinese settlers were constructed along with Aztec Temples and Incan Temples too brought by Aztec and Incan settlers. The coastal empire is considered a demi-paradise now thst human sacrifice has been outlawed since the 19th century. A traditional dish called Beras Coklat which is a mixture of Rice and Chocolate from Cocoa is regularly prepared by Pesisiranyarese people.

Culture and Lifestyle

Many Pesisiranyarese are sea farers as well as traders using Malay boats along the Panamarian shore, Many women wear A typical Mesoamerican or Andean attire. Men often wear Sarongs as well as Udengs which distinguishes Pesisiranyarese people from Amerinds as well as Euro-Americans.Mostly the Sarongs are woven out of Alpaca wool. The main language used is Pesisiranyarese which is a Austronesian language related to Balinese as they is in the Bali-Sasak group. The language contains a lot of linguistic influence from Nahuatl and Quechua. Though the main language of the Pesisiranyarese is the namesake language the liturgical language up until the 19th century was Javanese which is where the name originates from. The Jaguar is greatly respected and the name for it is Macan Oturutl in Pesisiranyarese.


The government is a monarchy ruled by a king called Uemantra Wayrawi. The government like the rest of society has a caste system similar to the Balinese caste system. The Brahmin caste is mostly comprised of Incan religious clergy while the warrior caste is mostly comprised of Aztec generals and soldiers. The merchants and Administerative people are generally Pesisiranyarese Malay while the peasant majority are mostly mixed with all three major groups. Slavery is commonplace however only primitive Amazonians tribes who are considered non-citizens can be enslaved and sold onto households, in order to prevent slave rebellions captured male slaves are usually castrated in order to prevent them having children, however it is common and legal for men to procreate with female slaves. The Pesisiranyarese dislike the Chinese and Americans greatly and are on good terms with the Japanese and Indonesians.


The Pesisiranyarese have the main haplogroups O and Q as a result of the mixture between the Austronesian settlers and the natives with Aztec and Incan immigrants who came to trade with a peaceful more technologically advanced people. Physically the Pesisiranyarese people resemble generic Southeast Asians abeit with bigger noses and more pronounced jaws from the Amerind ancestry. Though many Europeans could not tell the difference between them the Pesisiranyarese and Amerinds can easily distinguish each other as different.

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