The Kazakhi Khanate is a smaller khanate currently based in Astana with a small territory, but strong military, currently lead by Horatio Khan. They have abandoned most of their nomadic ways, but they still send parties up to several hundred around the plains for reconnasence, raiding, and for conquering smaller khanates that enter in their territory.


The Kazakhi Khanate was founded long ago after the end of the before-times, and used to be a great khanate with more warriors than some countries had people, but after the Great Khan Jin died in 43, the khanate splintered and civil war enveloped it. The Kazakhi Khanate was brought down to the size of about a hundred thousand in total, constantly trying ro reclaim its former glory for centuries, but failing. Until the nomadic tribe came across the city of Astana, and their leader, Horatio Khan, decided that it would be time to settle. They were small in number, but they found a large armory from the before-times and this gave them superior strength compared to the other khanates, and they managed to unite six other ones under their rule. To prevent future civil war, Horatio Khan gave them a level of autonomy, granting them some land that they had half-controle over and let them keep a quarter of their army, taking the rest for himself.


The Kazakhi Khanate is ruled by almost two dozen Lower Khans from previous khanates that are allowed to rule over some land and their people, they are then ruled by the Khan, in a model similar to feudel monarchy. If a Lower Khan or the Khan should die without a brawl to the death, and several games of wit and physical prowess are held by whomever wishes to take the Lower Khan's or Khan's position, and the survivors and winners are voted upon, but in the case of the Khan only Lower Khans may be elected.


Currently with a small size (for a khanate) of 100,000 soldiers to make up for their small numbers they are given special training rather than the normal khanates' policy of "here's a bow, here's a horse, charge!" and are given some iron weapons and a gun of their choosing and are divided into a regimental system with badges to show which regiment, who their commander is, and which Lower Khan they are under controle of, or if they are in the service of the Khan.

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