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Kazakaysia is a nation in what was Russia. This nation is what is going to be the new Russia of the future. The people that were left after the disease made this country what it is today. 

Timeline: Days After Chaos
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Flag Coat of Arms
New Kazakaysia
Location of Kazakaysia
(and largest city)
Other cities Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Saransk, Novgorod
Language Russian
Eastern Orthodox
  others Judaism
Czar Mikhail Petrikov
Population 36,000 
Currency Russian Coin, Barter




In the winter of 1850 there was a rapid decline in the population due to some disease that started to spread into Russia that killed more than 75% of Kazakaysia's population. The summer was not all pretty either. It was so dry and hot that our crops started to die and we went into a famine. With less food to sell in the markets, more people started to die. 



The leader of the nation is the Czar. 



Most common weapons are swords, crossbows, and shields.


Farming is one of the most important industries. 

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