Kassel is a Semi-Independent duchy due to the Holy Roman Empire. It is one of the major small nations in the Holy Roman Empire. 
Landgraviate of Kassel
Herzogtum (Landgrafschaft) Kassel
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Duchy of Hesse
Flagge Kassel.svg Coat of arms of Kassel
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Thuringia

Vereinigt mit Kassel!
("United with Kassel!")

(and largest city)
Other cities Erfurt
Language German
Religion Northern Rite Catholic
Demonym Kasselian
Government Absolute Monarchy
Duke Maurice Albert von Kassel
  House: von Kassel
Population 2,000,000 
Currency Kassel guilden



In 1421 the military sends its troops to fight in the crusade against the Ottoman empire. The crusades end in 1424 with us wining Constantinople back from the Ottomans. A recession happens in 1439. In 1442 we declared war on Hesse. A large chunk of Hesse is taken in our winnings in 1443. In 1452 we declare war on Bohemia. 1454 we occupy of Bohemian land and that forces dislodges the Czech control over the Holy Roman Empire. We are now in a PU with Anhalt. The economy goes back the normal in 1454. The Treaty of Cologne officially ends the war against Bohemia. We destroy Hesse in 1463 in a war. In 1466 Art that captures the beauty and mystery of the world and becomes popular. The Renaissance begin in 1467 in our nation. The Great Erfurt Fire started in 1619 where it burned most of the city, the royal family went to Kassel that time and stay there.


The Duke is head of the state later followed by the Consort of his, then it goes down the family tree. The crown goes to Males and Oldest Only, If only Female is left it goes up the family tree. The Duke recently changed the house from Hesse to Kassel to represent where he was from.


Due to the population, 2,000,000 x 0.0075 = 15,000 Troops

Name Amount Reason
Erfurt 7,500 Capital, Military Buildings
Jena 2,500 Secondary Biggest City, Important Resources
Rest 1,000 Most Towns Guards To Keep Civil Unrest Down
Border 4,000 To Keep Any Surprise Attacks, Prisoners Coming Into The Country, Out
Troop Type Troop Name City Stationed Amount TOTAL
Infantry* Heavy Erfurt Infantry Erfurt 1,500
Infantry Light Erfurt Infantry Erfurt 3,500
Cavalry* Heavy Cavalry of Erfurt Erfurt 750
Cavalry Light Horsemen of Erfurt Erfurt 1,250 7,500
Infantry Jenan Militia Jena 1,500
Mixed Order Of Saint Michael Jena & Suhl (200|50) 250 50
Cavalry Heavy Guards of Jena Jena 500
Cavalry Light Horsemen of Jena Jena 300 2,500
Mixed 1st Army of Thuringia Border 3,000
Mixed 2ed Army of Thuringia Border 1,000 4,000

(*) = May contain archers, musketmen, crossbowmen ect.


Dynasty Edit

The current head of the dynasty is Maurice Albert von Thuringen-Kassel this is because Maurice recently changed religion and didn't want a roman catholic based dynasty of which is was formed at. His sons, Otto and Wilhelm all have the dynasty von Kassel. Its coat of armies (Usually used for non national diplomacy) is the city's coat of armies.

Coat of Armies
Coat of arms of Kassel
This is the coat of armies that the current dynasty uses

Diplomacy Edit

Anhalt, (Personal Union)


PMIV Burgundy 1445

Map of nation in 1443