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Kartagh first

The first flag of Kartagh

The first flag of Kartagh

A noteworthy flag, for the original version was quickly (in less than a year) discarded for a newer version. The first version was simply the Chartaginian purple - blue - white horizontal stripes, and replaced the elephant with the well known Ptolemaic rebel circle. This circle was also purple, blue, and white, but shifted upwards. Thus, the part of the circle that was on the blue stripe became purple, et cetera. It is theorized that the colors were shifted upwards to show that the sun was rising, and that they would become more powerful, mightier, wealthier, and things like that, but there's absolutely no evidence for this and many believe it was done for no reason at all.


The current flag of Kartagh

The current flag of Kartagh

It is unknown why Kartagh changed its flag, as far as we know, people didn't hate the flag and demanded a new one, nor did Carthago when Kartagh became a province of Carthago. However, the orange in the middle of the circle is Carthaginian orange, and perhaps someone made a flag to celebrate their annexation. Perhaps people liked the new flag better, and eventually the old flag was replaced with the new flag. It is especially strange because, as far as we know, the old flag was replaced by the new one within a year. The new flag looks much the same, except that instead of shifting the colors upwards in the circle, purple becomes white and white becomes purple, while blue becomes orange. While the orange probably refers to Carthago, some also note that blue and orange are their complementary colors.

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