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In 1010, after arriving in Erikson for the first time, Thorfinn Karlsefni became the first king of Vinland. He had a son named Snorri I, who quelled the First Vinlandic Revolts. As time went on, both Thorfinn and Snorri told their descendents to go the way of independence, and Snorri II made the jump. This led pro-Norwegians to attack the Governing House of Vinland and killed Snorri II's son, Gulmund I. This ended Thorfinn's Dynasty.


Thorfinn I 1010-1025

Snorri I 1025-1059

Amund I 1059-1073

Gunnvald I 1073-1102

Snorri II 1102-1129

Gulmund I 1129 - 1130