Karl Leif Marksson (1255-1331) was a pioneering explorer of the 13th and 14th centuries. He was born in Kullodir (near Brossa) on 23 April 1255 and died on 2 November 1331 of an unknown disease.

Karl was brought up in a wealthy area of Kullodir (OTL St Anthony, Newfoundland) and attended the prestigious new university of Vinholm in 1272, where he forged his career of cartography and exploration. In 1276, he married Margareta Tonnir, who was the third daughter of Leif VIII, the ruling king. In 1280, he was appointed to be the Royal Geographical Surveyor of Vinland.

Markson went on his first voyage in 1283, appointed by the king to explore the northern part of Helluland (Baffin Island), which had not yet been discovered by Vinland. He set sail from Brossa on 7 April 1283 on board the ship HIH Magnus Fiollson, with 14 crew members. It was an unseasonably warm summer, so there was no pack ice. However the ship soon ran short of supplies so food had to be rationed on board. Eventually, there was almost no food, so Karl Marksson and his crew took to the land to find food. Food was even more scarce here than on the ship, but luckily they found a native village called Isaangunaaqivik where the locals welcomed them and helped them to find food. The crew actually stayed there for two months, when on

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