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Republic of Karakalpakstan
Қарақалпақстан Республикасы (kaa)
Республика Каракалпакстан (ru)
Қорақалпоғистон Республикаси (uz)

Republic of the Soviet Union
Timeline: New Union

OTL equivalent: Karakalpakstan
Flag of Karakalpakstan (New Union)
Flag of Karakalpakstan
Location of Karakalpakstan (New Union)
Location of Karakalpakstan (red)
in the Soviet Union.
Capital Nukus
Other cities Mo‘ynoq, Xo‘jayli
Karakalpak and Uzbek (de jure)
Russian (de facto)
  others Kazakh, Turkmen
Sunni Islam
  others Eastern Orthodoxy
Demonym Karakalpak
Area 164,900 km²
Population 2,063,800 
Established March 20, 1932
Admission March 8, 1994
Time zone YEKT (UTC+4)
  summer YEKST (UTC+5)
Abbreviations QR, SU-QR

The Republic of Karakalpakstan, colloquially known as Karakalpakstan (Karakalpak: Қарақалпақстан, Qaraqalpaqstan; Russian: Каракалпакстан, Karakalpakstan; Uzbek: Қорақалпоғистон, Qoraqalpog‘iston), is a republic of the Soviet Union. Originally an autonomous republic within Uzbekistan, the region was upgraded to a full republic in 1994. Because of its cultural significance, the Karakalpaks have taken strong measures to revive and protect the Aral Sea (which had been in decline since the agricultural reforms of the 1960s).

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