The Karafuto Campaign was a hard-fought battle to win control over Karafuto, fought between the Allies and the Japanese Empire during the Pacific War. The campaign lasted from the fall of 1926 following the Alaskan repulsion of Japanese soldiers from the Aleutians and the American victory in Hawai'i, and the goal was to secure control of the Chishima Islands as well as the main island of Karafuto.

The fighting last all of 1927 and ended with the withdrawal of Allied soldiers in January of 1928 once the Alaskans withdrew from the war in the Kodiak Accords. The high-water mark of the Allied Campaign was when they captured the capital of Karafuto, Toyohara, in the summer, but were forced to withdraw following the arrival of Asian reinforcements. The successful seizure of Karafuto was intended to be used to starve off Japanese sea support to fighting on the Asian mainland and as a potential base for the eventual planned invasion of the Japanese home islands.

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