Kanton Empire
Taung Kanton
c.1668 - c.1721
Map of the Kanton Empire (1700).png
Capital Jibaruha
Languages Macassan (Maung dialect)
Religion Islam
Government Monarchy
King OlbNarang I (First)
OlbNarang III (Last)
Historical era Narang Period
 -  Established c.1668
 -  Disestablished c.1721
 -  est. 175,000 (c.1700) 
The Kanton Empire was an early Australian civilization centred around North-Australia. Founded by OlbNarang I in the year 1668, it united hundreds of scattered tribes and settlements around the area, and introduced Islam as a major religious force in Australia. 

Reaching its political, cultural and territorial peak under King Janalbarung around the year 1700, it united the region into a single language group by the year 1710, allowing trade and cooperation to blossom between their citizens, however, disease from the outside world (primary China) ravaged the fast growing population during the rest of the decade.

The central government's inability to deal with the demands of many officials led most major cities became essentially self governing around 1720, and the eventual capture and execution of the eleven year-old king, OlbNarang III in the year 1721 spelled doom for Kanton.

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