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Impejeyé s'Kanemé
Kanemese Empire
Timeline: Alternate Africa

OTL equivalent: Republic of Chad
Kanemese Flag Tiger-and-axes-vector-695950
Flag of Kanema Coat of Arms of Kanema

Motto: É defdense abé Terraxnema
(Kanemese: Defend the Motherland)

Anthem Kapoot s'Ekwussé
Capital Paxa
Largest city Forte
Language Kanemese
Demonym Kanama
Religion Zoroastrianism
Type of government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Emperor: Alané III
Chancellor: Kloye Xhorzbem
Established 800 BC (as empire)

350 BC (current constitution)

Currency Lake
Drives on the Left
Internet TLD .km
Calling code +55

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