République de Kanata
Republic of Kanata
Timeline: Asian World

OTL equivalent: Québec, Eastern Canada, parts of Northern Central US
Flag of Quebec Fleur de lys du québec
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Canada (Asian World)
Location in Lavender
Capital Québec City
Largest city Québec City
  others Japanese, Chinese, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish
Religion Buddhism, Taoism
Premier Jean Adam
Independence 1 January 1902
Currency Canadian Livre

Kanata is a nation in Columbia.

History of Kanata

Kanata was a Dominion of France up to around 1815, when it fell into British hands. Since then, Britain came into conflicts and disputes with the Chinese Elasqua, later causing a small war in 1850, in which Britain lost and land was seceded to Elasqua.

Kanata later declared independence in 1902.

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